Add an extra room to your house in Los Angeles at an affordable price

Purchasing a new home is expensive, but your current living space is very limiting. Maybe a new family member is on the way (congratulations!), or you want a room that can serve as your office. Whatever your plans are, room addition can be the perfect way of adding extra space to your home.

Adding another room will increase the living space and the functionality of your home, but it will also boost its overall value and freshen up the place. A room addition is a complex home improvement project, which is why you need to call experienced contractors.

Royal Remodeling has more than a decade of experience in home remodeling projects. We are ready to put our professional and friendly staff at your service. Our team of carpenters will ensure that you get the best carpentry possible. We will take care of even the smallest details during every step of the process. Our level of dedication is precisely the reason why clients love our services.

We will ask you what kind of room you need before we start doing the project. Whether you need a master bathroom, office, laundry room, or another type of room, we will tailor the project to your expectations. Our design experts will come up with a solution that meets your needs, and our contractors will take things from there to ensure everything is executed flawlessly. We will do our best to complete everything on time, and we also guarantee to meet your budget.

At Royal Remodeling, we are proud of providing outstanding services to our clients. To do that, we use only top-quality materials. We also consider the design of your house before adding a new room to it. But our primary consideration is your demands and request. Our experts will assist in designing the perfect solution, but it is you who will have the final tell in deciding how your extra room should look like. Feel free to look at the photos of our previous work posted on our website. That may give you an idea for your room addition project. Once you are ready, give us a call, and we will start as soon as possible!

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